Premium Credit Repair Services – Student Loan Removed In 2 Days! Debt Solutions for 2018

Premium Credit Repair Services - Student Loan Removed In 2 Days! Debt Solutions for 2018

How you doing guys, and gals damian here owner of loyal credit solutions incorporated Today is march 1st? 2018 We are on time and date calm just to verify the date and time Don’t really care, about the location but i am here in florida but this is just a very short video i actually didn’t really plan to make a video today i Wanted to actually wait because i’m kind of tired i actually Only, do credit repair part time, so i’m normally sleep this time of day because i have a graveyard job that i do Late at night and i kind of do a lot of my credit repair stuff during the day on certain, days, not every day but Basically what i was doing right before i was getting ready to lay, down once i logged into my one of my clients credit karma Her equifax score went up 58 points and i wanted to know, why And if we scroll down here under their credit changes i noticed that Something called campus partners, was removed, from her account Now this is actually a student loan, and why this is so significant? Is that this student loan, was removed? Probably right around 48 hours so probably a little under two, days, which is? Amazing, now this doesn’t happen Every day it does happen frequently but not as often as Some people might think That’s why, i kind of made this video today because i don’t see this every? Day you know out of a week i probably see it maybe Two or three times depending on the customer and their profile and some other variables that are usually out of our control now Her score did go up 58 points keep in mind that this is the Vantage score 3.0 It’s not the actual fico score but for whatever it’s worth i just want to point that out but still 58 points is 58 points In my personal opinion Now let’s? see if we can Get a little bit more proof here So basically we’re not going to read all this you can.

Pause the video and read At your, own discretion but, basically it says between february the 24th and march 1st This student loan account with campus partners, was removed from your credit report All right so let’s go take a look at this now, this page i normally Depending on the profile and depending on your makeup of your accounts sometime i dispute stuff online Most of the time though i actually do everything, by mail Seems like i have a better response rate But for whatever the case for this example of disputed online And this is just a proof here as you can see the date of the dispute was february the 27th 2018 of course they got the time here 11:10 a.m.. Eastern standard time Now i have blocked out their, name social security number and address for their privacy so That’s why, you see these black boxes here i don’t want to Give, away, my clients information So if you scroll down here These are all the disputes that are currently, still being disputed but if you look, here where it says campus partners This, is the account that was? Raised here On march 1st Alright, so let’s go back All right so let’s take a look, at.

These numbers That count number actually, and i’ll try to zoom in on this One size edited video but the account number here is one three eight, five eight zero two Three nine five zero and the last four are left Unmarked for security purposes now how can we verify that, well this is a? Copy of this account with one of our old reports and as you can see This, is the account number here 1 3 8 5 80 23 95 0 with a number left off and as you can see it matches Matches up here seem like, this has more numbers that are egg style But for whatever the case it’s the same account student loan, educational loan, whatever whatever Let’s go back here Alright, so that’s pretty much all i want to show. You i Did something different Than i normally do? with disputed stuff online and Looks, like it’s working so far, we still are waiting on these accounts right here and actually you’ll see these accounts listed Right here, also not all of them are listed but These are listed here basically what this is just sometimes credit karma They’ll leave remarks like this one says consumer disputes reinvestigation in progress it’s let’s let, us know something that’s cooking in the kitchen something’s baking something’s getting ready to happen i I’ll bet my money on that all these are, gonna get deleted and they’re, gonna be more to follow But yeah and i block this out as far as the reasons i got some secret Stuff going over here i don’t, want to expose that But yeah, that’s it if you, guys have, any questions just email, me at lower credit solutions at.

Premium Credit Repair Services - Student Loan Removed In 2 Days! Debt Solutions for 2018 i’ll definitely leave, my contact information in the description area i do Have a credit repair service so if you, need help repair your credit Removing hard inquiries Anything of that nature just Contact, me let me look over your credit profile see what, we can, do i give you a price and if you Want to move forward you can i have been getting, busy, so i can’t work with everybody So it’s first-come first-serve i do all this. By hand i don’t have, any help as of right now So i definitely hope you understand that i normally try to email you back as soon as possible if you do call My, office number just leave a voicemail most likely it’s gonna, go to the voicemail, because i’ll normally sleep during the day when most people call anyways But i definitely get back with you as soon as i possibly can And again i’m just showing you results people believe What they see i can Talk, to them blue in the face that i can do this and i can get that off i can do that but if i’m not showing you It’s going to be pretty hard to take me at My, word considering that there’s so many different other people and companies that offer similar services That are actually giving proof and being transparent as far as what they’re doing and how.

They’re doing it so I hope you guys, enjoyed this video This, your first time watching one of my videos i would really appreciate it if you would subscribe to this video should be to the Bottom right corner there go ahead and click that little bill What’s what that’s gonna do is that whenever i upload? A video, you’ll be notified that way you can, make sure you don’t Miss any of my other videos i hope this video was helpful for you, guys You have a wonderful day, be blessed, be safe don’t text and drive peace out guys